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Avoid the Tidal Wave of Manual AP Processing

If you are like most organizations today, your accounting department probably relies on a significant paper-intensive, manual invoice and approval process. Your staff is spending too much time opening mail, chasing down management approvals and manually entering data, leaving no time or resources to manage vendors, track spending or resolve exceptions.

Ancora Software has accounts payable solutions which have the power to eliminate that annoying paper process and automate your entire AP department, without compromising your business requirements or creating IT hassles. We have technology to fit your needs based on a fundamental understanding of how the AP process really works.

Our solutions maximize ease of use and eliminates the risk of Accounts Payable outsourcing. Additionally, we include built in best practices that streamline your process with features such as duplicate invoice verification, customizable automatic invoice routing, and straight-through exception processing for purchase order matching, vendor types, and more.

If you already have some level of AP automation, we can help you fill in the gaps for maximum efficiency and savings. Let us show you how to quickly and securely capture, process, and route your AP invoices automatically.

  • Streamline your AP department to run smoother with fewer staff and better results.
  • Simplify PO requisition with a fully-automated Electronic Purchase Order Form.
  • Eliminate paper invoices from day one with specialized Data Capture services.
  • Ensure compliance procedures and approvals are followed with automatic routing and straight through processing.
  • Review invoices electronically for easy and automated approval processing.
  • Reduce/eliminate late payment penalties and capture early payment discounts.
  • Integrate directly with your current line of business applications and ERP systems.
  • Eliminate time wasted searching for records and respond quicker to inquiries rather then wasting time looking through file cabinets.

What is the cost of NOT implementing an accounts payable solution?

A traditional AP workflow can cost twenty dollars or more per invoice and take around forty days to process. Between the time to open the mail, scanning/copying, paper shuffling and jumping between departments for approvals, and low visibility into processes, it’s no wonder the accounts payable process is that expensive. With Ancora Software, we can help you drive down your processing costs under one dollar per invoice and reduce processing time to less than one week!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help implement a solution that is tailored specifically to your current business processes and needs. Or schedule a live demo by clicking the button below.

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