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About Us

About Us

The premise behind Ancora Software is to finally bring to market an advanced data capture solution that does not come with the typical complexity and over engineered features and functionality that has resulted in difficult to use, difficult to implement, difficult to support and over priced Capture software.

Through AncoraDocs software we are enabling companies around the world to dramatically reduce the costs and inefficiencies of manual data entry—as well as other manual processes.

Manual data entry creates an often-hidden cost, as the task of keying data is usually dispersed across departments and employees. However, it extracts a real price in terms of lost productivity and increased labor costs. When employees are keying data, they are not focused on their core duties—and that hampers a company’s ability to accomplish work efficiently. AncoraDocs removes that burden by automating data entry. Other hidden costs stemming from data inaccuracies, manual document sorting, filing, and more are also eliminated with automation.

Our solutions are capable of identifying and capturing data from nearly any business document allowing us to add value to nearly any organization. AncoraDocs eliminates hours of manual data entry while improving productivity and accuracy.


Our Mission

Our mission is to delight you and your organization with superior performance. Complexity is a fact of life in virtually every business process you now manage. And while the complexity will not go away, our solutions will help you manage it more easily.

The scope, quality, and distribution of our solutions and services will make Ancora Software the leading alternative for knowledgeable buyers. This mission will be accomplished in a profitable and challenging environment with the highest business ethics with respect to our clients and partners.

Our client’s experience the vision first-hand. This combination of vision, mission and strategy will keep us around longer than most other technology providers. In technology, you don’t get to stay around unless you consistently deliver a unique value.


What Our Clients Say…

“Ancora helped us implement an automated invoice approval process that significantly streamlined routing documents, thus eliminating numerous hours previously spent sorting through hard copies. They are responsive to our needs and are an excellent business partner.”

-Jay Froehlich
Controller, Crescent Services

“With knowledge of the business and expertise, Ancora set us up with an amazing ECM solution that meets our needs and is able to grow as we do. They offer us constant support, provide professional opinions and technical know-how to make sure we get our projects done right.”

-Brian Seavey
Manager SOX Compliance, SuperShuttle

“Ancora listened to our problems and addressed our most serious business needs. The custom developed software utility they built helped us dramatically decrease the amount of time spent on our payroll process. Our customized solution will also improve our accuracy and efficiency in data reporting.”

-Gene Stewart
Vice President, Spiker Sports

“Ancora helped us implement an automated contracts database that significantly improved our document management process, eliminating numerous hours previously spent sorting through hard copies. They are responsive to our needs and are an excellent business partner.  They have my highest recommendation.”

-Susan Golonka
Compliance Coordinator, Hospital Health Network