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Ancora Software provides customers with continuously increasing value for their products.

  • Updates delivered via service packs, which include fixes to product usage issues; and
  • Upgrades delivered via minor and major releases, which provide new functionality that enhances the value of the Ancora product.

Ancora has implemented a consistent lifecycle policy across its products, giving customers a scheduled plan for service packs and minor or maintenance releases. Maintenance releases can be downloaded directly from the Alliance Portal, ordered through the customer’s reseller, or an Ancora Account Executive.

Ancora Customer Support

We offer comprehensive high value technical support for all our partners and customers.

Our support is offered during normal business hours and includes assistance with configuration, installation, usage, performance and issue diagnosis. Support is generally provided by a certified Ancora reseller when the product and support are bought through the reseller. Ancora in turn provides support to partners as needed; for example, to provide defect fixes. Support can also be provided directly to the customer by our Ancora Professional Services & Support team, when the customer, partner and Ancora agree and engage in a direct support agreement. Support provides telephone, web and sometimes email access to technical analysts for problem diagnosis, resolution, status reporting, documentation clarification, and technical guidance. Support is typically available 11 hours a day, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. Times vary by region.

Case Escalation

Ancora Technical Support works with partners and customers to resolve problems quickly. If the priority of the issue requires faster progress, Ancora engages documented escalation protocols and alert management so that additional skills can be added. During any support resolution process, partners or customers may also contact Ancora Technical Support to escalate their case to management’s attention.

Help Desk Portal

To contact support, submit a trouble ticket, or have a technical question, please contact us at techsupport@ancorasoftware.com.

Remote Assistance

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