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AncoraDocs™ Enterprise

AncoraDocs Enterprise is Ancora Software’s new-generation, universal document capture and forms processing system, available on-site or in the cloud. Utilizing what Ancora calls “Document Understanding,” this revolutionary product automatically distinguishes among thousands of document types and formats to allow for the high-speed capture, classification, indexing, recognition, data entry and validation of most any document received by your company.

A true leap beyond traditional forms processing, AncoraDocs Enterprise removes the boundaries separating automated document preparation, forms processing, data entry and the processing of unstructured data. AncoraDocs Enterprise allows businesses to finally have a single point of entry for all documents entering the corporate data stream. With AncoraDocs Enterprise, your company can reduce set-up time, personnel training and labor intensive tasks, to gain maximum productivity, efficiency and profitability. AncoraDocs Forms is a complete capture and forms processing solution, available on-site or in the cloud, that can easily be integrated with other imaging and workflow environments.

Solving Tough Image Processing Challenges

Most documents received by companies do not follow a structured format – they fall into the category of unstructured documents. There are thousands of types of unstructured documents in each business – from invoices to purchase orders to healthcare and insurance forms – documents which have no pre-determined format or layout, but share common data elements. AncoraDocs Enterprise takes you far beyond traditional forms processing methods.

Now it is possible to automate data entry for a wide variety of documents that you thought were impossible to read automatically. The “dynamic document understanding” capabilities of AncoraDocs Enterprise provide dramatic cost reductions in data entry and document processing, allowing the entire process to be completely automated from end to end.

Customized, Scalable Solutions

The modular architecture of AncoraDocs Enterprise allows the system to reside on a single computer, or on an enterprise wide area network. Our solutions are backed by comprehensive systems integration, training and maintenance programs. Put AncoraDocs Enterprise to work for you, and enjoy powerful new functionality with increased productivity and dramatic cost savings. Let Ancora develop an automated document processing solution for your company with some of the following included modules.

Affordable and Functional

For what AncoraDocs Enterprise offers, you’d expect it to cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase, operate, and maintain. Instead it is priced to fit comfortably in departmental budgets. Its intuitive design reduces training needs and costs, too. ancoraDocs even has its own built-in, no cost API! Resellers or users may apply it to create custom functions (validation, routing, custom function keys) or integrate AncoraDocs into other applications and use it as a ‘black box’ server.

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