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Business Process Management

Business processes are at the heart of what makes or breaks a business – – and what differentiates it from the competition. Business processes that deliver operational efficiency, business visibility, excellent user experience, and agility, can give an organization an edge over their competition. Business managers need process management tools that enable them to make impactful changes.

Typically, organizations use forms, spreadsheets and email as gap fillers for transaction systems and business processes that cannot keep up with quickly changing business requirements. The initial motivation is that they can be done quickly and with little expense. Over time, as manual processes grow and organizations become more dependent on them, a larger hole in the process is created.


Business Process Management (BPM) automates your daily workflows through a thoughtful combination of software and expertise that tightly integrates with and extends your current enterprise applications without compromising their integrity. Your existing systems can be built upon by enlisting internal or external development approaches to deliver functionality. The initial motivation is that these methods can extend the value of your current system investments.

At Ancora Software, we consult with you on industry-wide best practices that will allow your organization to easily create and manage any business workflow approval (Accounts Payable, Mortgage Documentation, Medical Billing Forms) and task management process within and across all departments in your enterprise.

We will walk you through the entire creation of the BPM process – discovery, design, execution, and ongoing monitoring and improvement. Whether it’s reducing a process from twenty actions to eight, responding to exception handling in your everyday business makeup, or automating manual steps to gain control and visibility where previously there was none – business process management is key to making sure your organization stays ahead.

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